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Let the watering containers soak for at least five minutes this will loosen any debris and will remove any mold that may start forming in the watering container.  After the watering container has soaked for five minutes simple remove from the water and spray with a hose to clean off.  This works well for chicken watering containers but as you can guess you will be able to use this with technique with any type of animal watering container system.

Last but not least caring for your rabbits, which is my favorite.  Rabbits are relatively easy animals to care for.  When you have children it seems almost natural to have pets so we selected to get rabbits since they are relatively easy to care for.  I found the hardest part of caring for our rabbits have been cleaning out the food and watering bottle.  Once the water has set in the bottle for longer than a day it seems to get slimy leaving it a spot for mold to grow.  We donít want this to happen so with the help of cleaning it out with vinegar we can get rid of this problem and keep it from happening. 

A rabbits watering bottle is similar to the ones that you would use for hamsters, gerbils, birds and other small animals.  Just take the watering bottles and let soak in warm to hot water with vinegar added to it.  After soaking in the water mixture for about five minutes or longer rinse out several times with clean water.  The bottle is now clean and ready to fill back up and give to your pet.  I found that having two water bottles is useful since your pet would have to go without water while you are cleaning out the watering bottle but having two would eliminate your pet being without water.

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